Writing Sad Is it Bad???

I was just going through my old posts and they all seem like those “SAD POSTS”, you know which are written when you’re sad or something like that. I don’t know why it’s so but that got me thinking, am I a sad person and think only sad stuffs . I usually think myself being a funny guy but this has got me thinking I still don’t know me. It’s never that I sit and I’ll be like, I need to write a sad post or something . I just write up whatever comes to my mind and since almost everything which has come out has been quite sad, it’s really strange.

Is it bad that I write sad posts or am sad or if I am sad why don’t I know it. I feel quite normal on the opposite. But, what if I am. Has depression caught me? No I am probably too cool for depression and stuff? But, Do I make people around me depressed with just my company. Do I really spoil the mood of the whole gang with just my presence. If yes, then well I am quite a good influence in the group. I know it’s something which I should be proud of, but being a sad influence, seriously I would rather not be an influence if that’s the case. A person capable enough to bring the whole excitement or the happiness level of the group from 100 to 0, nobody wants that kind of person. I myself would hate him.

I probably am overthinking everything as I do all the time but whatever it is I must really start writing some funny posts. I hate reading sad posts and why would I expect anyone to read if I myself hate them.

That’s it from me .

“BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”  🙂

Is it too late

Is it too late now or do I still have time

I know I should have listened to you

I know I should have paid attention to all your interests

I know I should have tried to know more about  you

All the pictures I had of you , I never saw

There were so many things I never knew about you

I should have tried to know more about you through my friends

Even if they might have known you the same as me

But atleast should have tried to

Now I sit here so blank

Nothing to talk about you

Nothing that I remember about you

I regret wasting all my time in doing nothing

And now all my friends are talking about your stuffs

And me I stand here hearing all those things for the very first time

Am I so irresponsible

Am I so ignorant

How could I be so careless

How could I play fool with you

I guess I should stop this post right here

And go back to my studies cause I need to really know more about you because my tests are on the way :p


Well , it’s been a long time since my last blog but I have been having a lot of distractions going on my mind so it’s been a long time coming this blog about my regrets .

So yeah everyone loves to have a little change in their habitand in life and me being a very unstable guy ( a pun intended :p ) this changes tend to come a little more often . These changes well it’s not like I love to hang out with new people and forget the old ones but with the changes comes so fast and more it’s what happens more than often . So sometimes I think you know I shouldn’t have made that and then regret on it . And believe me or not these regrets haunt you a lot if you get cut off . I was saw this movie called Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind , a great movie by the way , so the movie is about regret and the regret getting out of control . So you are ready to get away from any thing related to regret and ready to forget them . Well what I think is we should not forget all of them because they might be one the best things that ever happened to you and then these regrets might help you be a better person in the future . Well to reduce the regret I would go get a hobby . Go to gym , get bulky ,go learn to solve Rubik’s cube ( I just put that to tell that yes I can do that , I know not a big deal but hell yeah I can do that ) or you can start writing a blog just like I did . They won’t probably make you forget all of them but surely help you distract your brain and fool it .And the something less is better the the whole thing  (I know I messed the last line but what the hell ) . And whenever your regret comes back you can go cry , sometimes crying out with your bestfriend is the best .

So that’s all I think we need to be strong and regret less because we only live once and live it full . I hope my distractions are less and I come up with more stuffs more often . That’s it from me this blog .


” BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”

A Call

A day no different than any other day

I sit doing nothing and nothing to say

My phone rings I wonder who it shall be

Because no one usually calls me

A girl it is !! I thank my lucky stars

I start dreaming about my future

I start seeing the big picture

I see myself being the hero of every romantic movie

An unknown call from a girl and we get together

My dream girl on the other end , her voice so cozy

I dream about my dogs’ name with her to remember

I start dancing don’t know why

Although the steps seemed like no fly

By this time I’ve listened to nothing she said

And paid no attention to names she took

And then it’s a loud stern voice I hear

“ Hello Is Phillip there ”

And then I realise how could I forget my luck

With which I know always my life suck

No lucky late night calls I had I could remember

And this one too was nothing but a wrong number .

Are you Depressed ???

Depression . I know it’s tough . I have been depressed a lot of times . We expect ourselves a lot of stuffs and our expectations don’t meet up a lot of times . You start to compare with the life you have to what you had in your mind . It’s way different . It all effects you a little but you’ll be like ahh it’ll be alright I just need a little more time . You go to your workplace or your school or college , you find yourself underperforming and you know you can do better than that and that one time you actually did your best work but noone notices you . It’s hard but you’ll be like alright it’s gonna be okay they’ll notice it eventually . You guess that person you value the most understands you and feels the depression getting on you and would come help you out but that never happens because it’s you who value them not they who value you . You understand that eventually and it comes on you a little harsh but you’ll be like it’s alright it happens but inside now the depression level has gone up a notch . You come back home you find you being compared to others on you being so unsuccessful and your life not being that ‘ PERFECT LIFE ‘ they had expected you to get . You start to think that seriously your life has being shit and nothing valuable has come out of it and it’s not worth living your life . You think suicide is the best you can do and that others won’t probably won’t even care if you’re there or not and you end your life .

The depression has consumed a lot of life in this world we know now . We expect so much from ourselves nowadays and the expectations of others from us is also a lot now that it is very common to see a person in depression . Although depression not considered as a major thing now but it’s time to take it up seriously . We need to stop taking the failure so hard on us . We need to learn from the failure and work on ourselves to make a better version of us rather getting depressed on being failed . We need to start valuing the people who value you and think about them too . And last of all suicide is never an option you have got one life and killing yourself is the worst you can do . Take your life as you take in a game . You have got one life set and if you lose it it’s game over what do you do , you go for the highscore . You try to save yourself from dying and try to score as many points as you can and you never kill yourself in a game . That’s how you do in your real life too .

If you feel depressed talk to someone . And someone talks to you feeling depressed never say that you’re busy and turn them off . Help them out before it’s too late .

That’s it from me .

” BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”  🙂

Life and Death

I was just watching the movie Collateral Beauty and it just hit me again and to be honest I do really think about it a lot of time . Life is never a permanent thing , what if the very next moment something happens to you and it turns out you just have 2 months left to live .

There are lot of ways a person handles such situation :

One he would tell all his friends and then try to spend all his time with them

The other would be not telling anyone but still trying to enjoy every last bit of time you have got left .

You know what I would do , I would rather do the cruel and the tougher one that is not telling anyone and start pissing off people . What I would think maybe if people get pissed off you they would be less used to you being around and then once you’re dead you know not much changes for them or they don’t miss anything . I don’t why but I always feel that’s the best way to do it .

The fear of death has always haunted the humans . It is not about dying it’s about not living which scares us . Because we humans we tend to realise stuff quite late , when we are about to loose it and we all be like we should have done this and that and blah blah blah .

So yeah again life is never permanent , you don’t even know what would happen to you by the time you finish reading this blog so enjoy and cherish each and every piece of it like it’s the last hour , the last minute or the last second .

” BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”  🙂


Life in this world is very complicated . We desire for being rich and famous which is achievable but on the way to it we lose something which takes forever if gone . It is very rightly said in this picture down here .

I have this sad habit ( it is not sad actually but then for this modern world people do judge it by calling it sad ) of trusting people blindly . I know it really sounds bad but I actually trust people very fast . I mean like I make new friends and then even though it takes time for me to bond but I tend to trust them before I start bonding with them which absolutely crazy . And in return a lot of them turns out to be those ‘ Fake Friends ‘ who are just there for their need and once done they are gone POOF !!

But what do I do when my trust is broken . Do I rebel ? Do I stop trusting people ? Do I stop talking to the people who betrayed me ?

I want to do all those but no I can’t . I do want to rebel and then stop talking to those people as if they are dead to me . Yes, I do want to just stop trusting people it is not worth . But I know if you do that , it is wrong because it was the person who betrayed who was wrong not you . 

Trusting people is gift which not everyone has it . You are special to have it .

Now not every person who betrays a betrayer . Sometimes it is the situation which forces you to lie to the other person . Sometimes it is good to lie rather than losing or hurting someone . That’s what I feel but doing that on a regular basis is what kills your trust .

It is very hard to trust the person again but it is never impossible to . Sometimes you just have to look into their eyes and find out the truth and then start believing the person again because he was too scared of letting you go . 

Whatever you do try to NEVER EVER break someone’s trust by lying because as Bo Bennett said :

You always try to say the truth because you also got to have trust on others . How can someone trust someone else if he himself breaks the trust .