Moving on

Not every relationship last forever Not every story have a happy ending But with every breaking up comes moving on Moving on to new story Moving on from the previous old pains. The beautiful moments spent together The little laughs we had The adventures we went through Although the adventure part don't really think happened [...]


Is it real ?

So I told her Was it worth coming out ? Yes it was cause she liked me too The morning just felt more beautiful The sky looked the bluest I've ever seen I don't know why but the birds chirping was a song to me The breeze was just made me feel it was all [...]


Every story starts with an intentional hi or maybe some with mere coincidence of you being there. These stories have no reason on why the characters crossed each others path on that particular time. But once the story has got a start, then one third of the writer's work is done. The middle part is [...]

Not our Story

An Anonymous Repost Firsts are always really special, isn’t it? We all remember our first crush, our first kiss, our first love, etc etc etc. First heartbreaks are also very special, I guess. 20 Years and I was glad that I never went through this but I was ready to break my heart for you. [...]