Something to tell you

I know telling you all this which I am gonna tell won’t make any difference but somethings are supposed to be told. So here it goes. You know how I tell you about my blogs first and how you correct me through the blogs and make them more meaningful. You actually complete me in so [...]


Men Don’t Cry

Crying is kinda a taboo     They say if you cry you’re weak Crying makes you look emotionally unstable Crying destroys your makeup But isn’t that all good Something makes you look weak you can always ask for help Coming out as emotionally unstable is what is called opening up Being yourself is the [...]

Socially Awkward

Yes, I’m socially awkward Yes, I’m confident virtually And scared in real world Yes, I can’t talk to you seeing in your eyes But while on phone, I can talk anyway I like Yes, I can’t make the small conversations with you It’s not because I’m not interested It’s because I just can’t Yes, I [...]