Now , well being a new blog writer it’s a quite different expereince all together . So yea , why did I start doing it ?? Ok well is it because I got a little too crazy , must be it :p . Ok so this blog is a very informal and a wierd kinda blog and all the critics fire do fire away .

So well in the world which is it right now everyone has a thing where everyone suggest someone to do the things , and this suggestions are a lot like literally loooooooot .Now many of us ,  including me ( not lying :p )(this blog is brutally honest blog :p) so me have come under those suggestions and gone ahead doing those .

Now I am not denying the fact that these suggestions are infact all not crap . We do always should take an experienced advice on everything BUT to an extent . The extent is a fine line of you throwing and crushing away your dreams and ambitions , and the happiness you get while getting your dreams.

The society always comes as a critic . A critic’s job is criticising and it is upon us to take it in a positive way or the “other dumb way ” .  But how do you exactly take in the positivity ?? So here goes the secret , you dont have to take in the critics just accept them and work on it . Take it as a challenge for the next time . You should be like ,” These bastard I’ll show them ” and yea after this super hunky dialogue please do show what you worth of .

So I m gonna end my blog today but before I go just thing

” BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”   🙂



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