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Now see anything in this picture , no right thats exact the way love has always been . Noone really does see the love or you know thinks of loving someone . Love is something which is a very peculiar kinda substance one can say a radioactive substance i.e. it is very highly volatile . ;p .

So me of all people have had tons of crushes in my real life and I can’t actually differentiate love and crush .( For anyone who’s reading this feel free to comment on the differences to tell me that )  . But you know unfortunately , I was a very shy guy and I am a dumb guy still , my first impression always had tend me being the joker (you know the one who’s always joking ) . So none of my crushes became a real love .

What I always did was i had this dumbass steps

  1.  Step 1 : Hit all random jokes and try making her laugh . ( And later beg them to laugh lol :p )
  2. Step 2 : Try being extra smart around them . Be like you know this you know that and shit .
  3. Step 3 : Try being extra extra sweet to them .
  4. Step 4 : The worst step for me admit you like her

So this was my dumbass steps and trust me I know as strange and awkward it sounds this is what I used to do .

Now even though I suck at that I know when you really love a person . Firstly , you wake up in the morning get ready to see that person and hope she sees you too . Next you’ll be thinking about her contantly . Next your talks will somehow round up and end up or atleast with have that person thousand times . Last but nit the least you do miss the person ( Don’t and check for the missing part by ignoring the person trust me horrible idea ) . So yea if your test results are positive , well , congrats you are in love .


So I m gonna end my blog today but before I go just thing

” BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”  🙂


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