Being Happy

Well lets start with a simple question , are you happy ? If yes , well congrats that you believe you are happy . Happiness is something what you believe you are feeling . Consider a scenario where you start thinking everything negative and be like , I have no real friends , I have noone to talk to to , I just don’t know why I am always sad . Now consider another person who thinks just the opposite . Even if both of them will be having the same cases in real life but the way they consider their life is what made them happy .

A Happy person , so this is a person who’s attitude brings up and pumps all the teams energy to infinity . But how do you know that you are the Happy person in your group , well let’s have a test

  • Do you stay positive all the time
  • Do you think whatever you are going through is actually best in in your life
  • Do your group miss your positivity in your absence
  • Is the child inside you come out more often
  • Do your friends think whatever happens your hand would always be there for them to hold onto

If this test was well say good for you , then you are infact very lucky to your gtoup .

Now a lot of stuffs happen in to you in life because you know life is a bitch and shit happens , but its really important for you to get out of your past . Holding onto your past makes your life pause too but do remember this the life around you stops for noone . So buckle up mate , whatever was the past is the past ,  you were always good it was the other person who was the trouble , believe in yourself and stay happy .

You should always recognise your own happy person in your life he/she doesn’t have to be your bestie to be your happy person . He should be the one who motivates you , who you can share everything , who you can be mad at sometime , who after all being mad will try to make you happy . The sooner you recognise this special person the sooner you will be a happy person for someone .

P.S. being a happy person is a full-time job with no overtime pay at all so beware :p

Be Happy and spread the Joy


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