What if I wrote a love letter

Dear Girlfriend

I know I suck at chemistry but the reaction what happens in heart is very spontaneous one and I think you are the catalyst causing it . My heart starts beating at a rate which is even faster than the speed of light so leave it being supersonic . Every differentiated thing about you is an integrated sum for me which is why you are so special to me . I don’t care about your history because I am just interested in your heart’s present economy . I know the geography of my letter to you sounds like a political promise but trust me I was never a writer or a poet before I met you . I won’t just say that I love you because my love for is stronger than the gravity of Earth to me . Talking to you just amplifies all my joy and anxiety as if my gain is infinity . I don’t know if you feel the same about me even for 5% but baby I know we can make it work like the Newton’s First Law of Motion with our love being the motion and no force coming in between us .

Yours loving Nerd


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