Life is small



Sometimes I sit and wonder

What is there in my life

Is it all a bunch of lies

Trying to show ,who they want me to be

Or who I really am

As I grow up, I’ve changed a lot

The change has forced the old me down

Is it always like that or I been overthinking

I don’t know


I have always been a joker

To joke is all I do

Should I be serious

Or why so serious

Life is small

You live it being you

Or live by being someone ,others want you to be

Its always a choice


People come in life

People go out of your life

Some you hold on to

Some you have to leave them behind

Others leave you behind

Life is small

You would want to live it

Cherish every moment

Holding onto the ones you love

Keeping every promise you ever made

Being there anytime anywhere anyhow for them


Because life is small

You live it or you waste it

Life is small


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