Secret of Dungeons


Dungeons , well the proper definition would be a place where the bad people were captured and kept .

And a secret is something best kept hidden . Now everyone has these DUNGEONS within them where you try to hide your secrets well to be specific the ‘DARK SECRETS’ . The things which you are too scared for other’s to know .

Well to be frank I have my dungeons quite full and wish I never see them out again . These secrets though well even haunt you quite a few times and you know its really so tough to shake it off , You try to run away from them but they still come back someway or the other .

Should we really have these dungeons within us ? Or can we do better and hide nothing and be that person who is never ashamed of anything or nothing to hold him back from being the greatest .

The Dungeons are your’s , you have the key , it’s your decision what you do with it . Open up or keep your scary Dungeons closed well deep inside you . Choose wisely because the decision just doesn’t matter for you it also makes a difference for the people around you .


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