Why do I Write


Well I was just thinking about what should I write my next post on and then it suddenly hit me why was I writing a blog . I mean I was never a guy who used to love writing . Actually I was the one who loved the exact opposite of it .

So let’s see it all started with the first blog day , it was 4th  December , I couldn’t that night I don’t remember why was it because I usually pass out as soon as I hit the bed . So yeah well I couldn’t surprisingly that day , so I was just browsing through the internet reading stuffs .Let me tell you one thing , I always have had this dream of mine of becoming famous . So I was just going through a lot of posts and I read a lot of posts like a ton , and I thought “ Hmm a blog wonder how that feels like owning “ .  So I started looking at different places on how to make a blog and then I ended up here at wordpress .

So I got the blog and customizations stuffs and all ready and then came the part I had never thought about ‘ THE WRITING PART ‘ and I am like what should I write and how should I write . It was all so tough to come up with the topics and the content but I finally brought it out of me and voila there was my first post.

So over the different posts I actually started writing stuffs which I always wanted to shout out loud but am too scared to say . The thoughts which I put is all from the different stages in life I have been till now . Writing has actually brought out a lot of things which were all hidden in my Dungeons of Secrets . I now feel anyone can start their own blogs after seeing myself write so many stuffs which well 4 months before I would have never even thought would have written .

Writing this blog for me is like drawing a beautiful painting in a verbal way with the brushes of your thoughts on the blog canvas .


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