Well the other day someone just pointed out that there’s not a freaking single moment when I don’t smile . I mean its like kinda spooky right , smile all the time . Well after being pointed out I became conscious and I tried to do what everybody does , try to see if that was true , and it turned out it was .

So next day I was like I am not gonna smile all time today and well I lasted freaking honest 20 minutes .  And of course after that I compensated the whole 20 minutes of not smiling with smiling and laughing the whole day like I am nuts :p  .

So Smile is something which you know makes other think that , yea this person looks happy , even though he might or might not be .

Ok so this is the researching part of me

Advantages of smiling:

  • People are more comfortable
  • Give a positive attitude
  • Look cheerful ( even though you are not )
  • Get to show off your white teeth
  • ( And dimples too if you have )

Disadvantages :

  • If you smile more people think you are crazy ( that is exactly my case )
  • Others do think you are ok even though you are not
  • Its kinda spooky too smiling all the time
  • I am outta disadvantages :p

Everything done I think smile makes a person more beautiful and confident . I smile all the time but I do feel it is okay not to smile all the time . If you have something which really is troubling you , you should tell someone out . Hiding behind the smile your troubles is a good thing wherein others are comfortable but not you , but telling it out makes YOU comfortable and maybe bring up a solution out too .



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