Night Adventures

I wake up in middle of the night, my mind not letting me sleep. Is it something troubling me or someone who I have been thinking about troubling me, I didn’t know. I try to tire my mind by distracting it with a movie, but wait there is something strange under my blanket. I jump off the bed thinking it to be something really weird animal or insect instead it turns out it was my muscles. I could move any muscles in my body, every piece of muscle in my body. This reminded me of all the superhero movies how the heroes start getting their power. So to test what powers I had I started testing all of them. The first thing I tried was, thinking to fly who knows I just might. However, the only thing which went up and down were my ears. Next up is the power of strength; I hit the wall with all my might and strength wishing to see a hole in the wall the very next moment. But the only thing which felt had hole was my hand after being hit so bad. What powers could I have I thought, then I leaned on the wall thinking and I could feel the walls much more grippy. I tried to hang onto the wall and voila I was here climbing the wall like spiderman. I went on top of the ceiling because it was fun and I had to test my power. Suddenly I hear the siren roaring across the place, thinking this was my chance to shine as superhero I tried to move across the ceiling to go out and I hit the ground hard.

Then I realized it was my mobile’s alarm ringing and it was all but just a dream.
I never get up in middle of night. I literally pass out as if I am dead once I hit the bed.
PS I got my love, my phone back 😜 .


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