Our Guardian Angel

We come to this Earth ,as a blessing 

Our guardian angels always their by our side 

We open ours eyes to this world 

They are the first thing we see

We make mistakes and hurt them a lot

But they are still there by our side 

We fall , we stumble ,we cry thinking we are alone

But we have our angels to pick us up and motivate us 

They know what we like ,

They know what we want ,

They know what wrong we do ,

But they still stick by our side

Because they are our Guardian Angel

We grow up thinking we know everything ,

But we are still dumb ,

We say things , we do thing to hurt them

We think being grown up means we know everything

But our angel they stick by our side still

We find new people , think they are our world

We forget our angel and take them for granted

Again we hurt them so bad

But they stick by our side

The new people in our life go away ,

Leaving us all alone and now nowhere to go

Just one place to go

And that is to our angel
We all have this Guardian Angel and they are our parents . 

I know I probably would never say this out loud or even to them but I love them a LOOOOOOOOOT . They are always my inspiration , my strength and I always think what would happen if they were not there .

By the way my mom too does read my blog so lemme just say it out loud Mamma and Papa I am sorry for everytime I hurt you or you were embarrassed because of me . I promise I will never let you down again or atleast I will try hardest not to .

I dedicate this Mamma and Papa . 


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