Life in this world is very complicated . We desire for being rich and famous which is achievable but on the way to it we lose something which takes forever if gone . It is very rightly said in this picture down here .

I have this sad habit ( it is not sad actually but then for this modern world people do judge it by calling it sad ) of trusting people blindly . I know it really sounds bad but I actually trust people very fast . I mean like I make new friends and then even though it takes time for me to bond but I tend to trust them before I start bonding with them which absolutely crazy . And in return a lot of them turns out to be those ‘ Fake Friends ‘ who are just there for their need and once done they are gone POOF !!

But what do I do when my trust is broken . Do I rebel ? Do I stop trusting people ? Do I stop talking to the people who betrayed me ?

I want to do all those but no I can’t . I do want to rebel and then stop talking to those people as if they are dead to me . Yes, I do want to just stop trusting people it is not worth . But I know if you do that , it is wrong because it was the person who betrayed who was wrong not you . 

Trusting people is gift which not everyone has it . You are special to have it .

Now not every person who betrays a betrayer . Sometimes it is the situation which forces you to lie to the other person . Sometimes it is good to lie rather than losing or hurting someone . That’s what I feel but doing that on a regular basis is what kills your trust .

It is very hard to trust the person again but it is never impossible to . Sometimes you just have to look into their eyes and find out the truth and then start believing the person again because he was too scared of letting you go . 

Whatever you do try to NEVER EVER break someone’s trust by lying because as Bo Bennett said :

You always try to say the truth because you also got to have trust on others . How can someone trust someone else if he himself breaks the trust .


5 thoughts on “TRUST

  1. You don’t need to trust someone as long as you trust yourself.Because at the end of the day it’s all you ,,You’ve come to this world all alone. You’ll bid adeau with no one by your side,All I’m just trying so say is that if you trust yourself completely you won’t find the need to trust anyone.Although i respect your opinion..Well your doing a pretty job expressing yourself.Kudos

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    1. I totally respect your point of view but as i said i have this defect where i trust people real quick and also i feel world with mutual trust and respect would be better in understanding and reducing the communication gap among people . That’s what i feel . 😊😊

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