Are you Depressed ???

Depression . I know it’s tough . I have been depressed a lot of times . We expect ourselves a lot of stuffs and our expectations don’t meet up a lot of times . You start to compare with the life you have to what you had in your mind . It’s way different . It all effects you a little but you’ll be like ahh it’ll be alright I just need a little more time . You go to your workplace or your school or college , you find yourself underperforming and you know you can do better than that and that one time you actually did your best work but noone notices you . It’s hard but you’ll be like alright it’s gonna be okay they’ll notice it eventually . You guess that person you value the most understands you and feels the depression getting on you and would come help you out but that never happens because it’s you who value them not they who value you . You understand that eventually and it comes on you a little harsh but you’ll be like it’s alright it happens but inside now the depression level has gone up a notch . You come back home you find you being compared to others on you being so unsuccessful and your life not being that ‘ PERFECT LIFE ‘ they had expected you to get . You start to think that seriously your life has being shit and nothing valuable has come out of it and it’s not worth living your life . You think suicide is the best you can do and that others won’t probably won’t even care if you’re there or not and you end your life .

The depression has consumed a lot of life in this world we know now . We expect so much from ourselves nowadays and the expectations of others from us is also a lot now that it is very common to see a person in depression . Although depression not considered as a major thing now but it’s time to take it up seriously . We need to stop taking the failure so hard on us . We need to learn from the failure and work on ourselves to make a better version of us rather getting depressed on being failed . We need to start valuing the people who value you and think about them too . And last of all suicide is never an option you have got one life and killing yourself is the worst you can do . Take your life as you take in a game . You have got one life set and if you lose it it’s game over what do you do , you go for the highscore . You try to save yourself from dying and try to score as many points as you can and you never kill yourself in a game . That’s how you do in your real life too .

If you feel depressed talk to someone . And someone talks to you feeling depressed never say that you’re busy and turn them off . Help them out before it’s too late .

That’s it from me .

” BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”  🙂


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