A Call

A day no different than any other day

I sit doing nothing and nothing to say

My phone rings I wonder who it shall be

Because no one usually calls me

A girl it is !! I thank my lucky stars

I start dreaming about my future

I start seeing the big picture

I see myself being the hero of every romantic movie

An unknown call from a girl and we get together

My dream girl on the other end , her voice so cozy

I dream about my dogs’ name with her to remember

I start dancing don’t know why

Although the steps seemed like no fly

By this time I’ve listened to nothing she said

And paid no attention to names she took

And then it’s a loud stern voice I hear

“ Hello Is Phillip there ”

And then I realise how could I forget my luck

With which I know always my life suck

No lucky late night calls I had I could remember

And this one too was nothing but a wrong number .


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