Well , it’s been a long time since my last blog but I have been having a lot of distractions going on my mind so it’s been a long time coming this blog about my regrets .

So yeah everyone loves to have a little change in their habitand in life and me being a very unstable guy ( a pun intended :p ) this changes tend to come a little more often . These changes well it’s not like I love to hang out with new people and forget the old ones but with the changes comes so fast and more it’s what happens more than often . So sometimes I think you know I shouldn’t have made that and then regret on it . And believe me or not these regrets haunt you a lot if you get cut off . I was saw this movie called Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind , a great movie by the way , so the movie is about regret and the regret getting out of control . So you are ready to get away from any thing related to regret and ready to forget them . Well what I think is we should not forget all of them because they might be one the best things that ever happened to you and then these regrets might help you be a better person in the future . Well to reduce the regret I would go get a hobby . Go to gym , get bulky ,go learn to solve Rubik’s cube ( I just put that to tell that yes I can do that , I know not a big deal but hell yeah I can do that ) or you can start writing a blog just like I did . They won’t probably make you forget all of them but surely help you distract your brain and fool it .And the something less is better the the whole thing  (I know I messed the last line but what the hell ) . And whenever your regret comes back you can go cry , sometimes crying out with your bestfriend is the best .

So that’s all I think we need to be strong and regret less because we only live once and live it full . I hope my distractions are less and I come up with more stuffs more often . That’s it from me this blog .


” BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”


2 thoughts on “REGRET

  1. Well………i would like to know sometimes your brutally hurting regrets…..i guess i shud know…….well you give directly to mind…….nice one buddy 😛


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