Dreams Crazy


When I was small, I used to have this fantasy that I owned an archipelago of islands discovered by me and just for me. Just like nim’s island but the difference I was had a much more crazy fantasy. So here it goes.

So I am a very smart engineer and I have invented a fully self efficient robot and using that robot I have made lots and lots of robots. Now I have this archipelago where I have this main island which is my house. The rest of the islands I have had my robots construct different different stuffs, like I have an island for airport another for shopping complex and all. The islands are open to tourists but they are owned by me. I own 101 dogs just like the 101 Dalmatians story but then all of them different breeds.


This fantasy might seem really crazy and a fictional one but this the amazing thing about being kid, we are open to imagine anything. You can imagine being a king of your own kingdom to being a Star Lord anything. But as we grow up reality hits us and the capability of imagining disappear. When I compare my imagination skills which I had back then to what I have now I feel the difference being a lot. Although being an adult now I still see these dreams and it is really awesome and a stressbuster to dream crazy.

I will stop this blog with



Do share your crazy dreams and fantasy which you had when you were small in the comment section .


“BRUTALLY HONEST ”  thats my motto till next time “ I COME IN PEACE ”  🙂


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