A Call

A day no different than any other day I sit doing nothing and nothing to say My phone rings I wonder who it shall be Because no one usually calls me A girl it is !! I thank my lucky stars I start dreaming about my future I start seeing the big picture I see [...]



Life in this world is very complicated . We desire for being rich and famous which is achievable but on the way to it we lose something which takes forever if gone . It is very rightly said in this picture down here . I have this sad habit ( it is not sad actually [...]

Our Guardian Angel

We come to this Earth ,as a blessing  Our guardian angels always their by our side  We open ours eyes to this world  They are the first thing we see We make mistakes and hurt them a lot But they are still there by our side  We fall , we stumble ,we cry thinking we [...]

Night Adventures

I wake up in middle of the night, my mind not letting me sleep. Is it something troubling me or someone who I have been thinking about troubling me, I didn’t know. I try to tire my mind by distracting it with a movie, but wait there is something strange under my blanket. I jump [...]

It’s been so long

The days have been so dull. I have been wanted to talk to you but I can’t. I miss you a lot. I miss your voice, all those different pitches and sound you make and I miss them a lot. I miss all the conversations in you, which we had, I have been longing so [...]