I wish I could go back in time Wish I could change some things Wish I could make everything right Wish I could stop me from hurting others Cause the memories, they haunt Memories, they hold me back Memories, they keep me from sleeping Memories, they keep me from trying something new Or, I just [...]



Tachycardia, yea that’s how it went when I first saw you I didn’t know who you were and from where But that’s how it started one look and I was dead I wanted to get your attention cause I wanted to talk to you But all I knew was the Animal Planet crappy shits That [...]

Socially Awkward

Yes, I’m socially awkward Yes, I’m confident virtually And scared in real world Yes, I can’t talk to you seeing in your eyes But while on phone, I can talk anyway I like Yes, I can’t make the small conversations with you It’s not because I’m not interested It’s because I just can’t Yes, I [...]