It’s been so long

The days have been so dull. I have been wanted to talk to you but I can’t. I miss you a lot. I miss your voice, all those different pitches and sound you make and I miss them a lot. I miss all the conversations in you, which we had, I have been longing so bad to have it back. I love how you looked in red and you looked beautiful in it. I loved the way I looked through your lens , that made me feel special and handsome and I am important to someone .You fell so many times but you were never broken , I love how strong you were and you still are and you are my inspiration for it. You are the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I see before I sleep. Without you, my life seems dull and rather empty because you complete me all the time. Whenever I need to talk to someone about something, you are the first one to know and now since you aren’t there it is all suppressed inside me and I really need you to talk.

I miss you a lot and please come back.



By the way, it has been four weeks I have been living without my phone and I miss it a LOT.


Well the other day someone just pointed out that there’s not a freaking single moment when I don’t smile . I mean its like kinda spooky right , smile all the time . Well after being pointed out I became conscious and I tried to do what everybody does , try to see if that was true , and it turned out it was .

So next day I was like I am not gonna smile all time today and well I lasted freaking honest 20 minutes .  And of course after that I compensated the whole 20 minutes of not smiling with smiling and laughing the whole day like I am nuts :p  .

So Smile is something which you know makes other think that , yea this person looks happy , even though he might or might not be .

Ok so this is the researching part of me

Advantages of smiling:

  • People are more comfortable
  • Give a positive attitude
  • Look cheerful ( even though you are not )
  • Get to show off your white teeth
  • ( And dimples too if you have )

Disadvantages :

  • If you smile more people think you are crazy ( that is exactly my case )
  • Others do think you are ok even though you are not
  • Its kinda spooky too smiling all the time
  • I am outta disadvantages :p

Everything done I think smile makes a person more beautiful and confident . I smile all the time but I do feel it is okay not to smile all the time . If you have something which really is troubling you , you should tell someone out . Hiding behind the smile your troubles is a good thing wherein others are comfortable but not you , but telling it out makes YOU comfortable and maybe bring up a solution out too .


Why do I Write


Well I was just thinking about what should I write my next post on and then it suddenly hit me why was I writing a blog . I mean I was never a guy who used to love writing . Actually I was the one who loved the exact opposite of it .

So let’s see it all started with the first blog day , it was 4th  December , I couldn’t that night I don’t remember why was it because I usually pass out as soon as I hit the bed . So yeah well I couldn’t surprisingly that day , so I was just browsing through the internet reading stuffs .Let me tell you one thing , I always have had this dream of mine of becoming famous . So I was just going through a lot of posts and I read a lot of posts like a ton , and I thought “ Hmm a blog wonder how that feels like owning “ .  So I started looking at different places on how to make a blog and then I ended up here at wordpress .

So I got the blog and customizations stuffs and all ready and then came the part I had never thought about ‘ THE WRITING PART ‘ and I am like what should I write and how should I write . It was all so tough to come up with the topics and the content but I finally brought it out of me and voila there was my first post.

So over the different posts I actually started writing stuffs which I always wanted to shout out loud but am too scared to say . The thoughts which I put is all from the different stages in life I have been till now . Writing has actually brought out a lot of things which were all hidden in my Dungeons of Secrets . I now feel anyone can start their own blogs after seeing myself write so many stuffs which well 4 months before I would have never even thought would have written .

Writing this blog for me is like drawing a beautiful painting in a verbal way with the brushes of your thoughts on the blog canvas .

Me and My Friends



Me and my friends

Our bond that will never end


Our paths will be different once we all go out

But I hope we click our selfie together with pout

The endless crappy talks we all had

Though they made no sense no one really cared

From dreaming ourselves all very rich

To come back to reality and tackle our own glitch

The class we all bunked together

To classes we cared never

The stupid games we played with other were the best

STOP !! Or else get ready to be punched you pest


Me and my friend

Our bond that will never end


We all come from different places

And we all have different cases

Aim to be someone somehow

But too scared to take risks now

Sometimes we end up with friend , who are not what they show

So beware , because they are deception like the rainbow

They have no end nor any start

They are nothing but a bunch of retards




Me and my friends

Our bond that will never end



When we die and become ghost

I hope we still hang out me being the host

We scare other people all around

Playing pranks round and round

Cause then we don’t care

Because we are just the air


And this is how

Me and my friends

Our bond never end .

Secret of Dungeons


Dungeons , well the proper definition would be a place where the bad people were captured and kept .

And a secret is something best kept hidden . Now everyone has these DUNGEONS within them where you try to hide your secrets well to be specific the ‘DARK SECRETS’ . The things which you are too scared for other’s to know .

Well to be frank I have my dungeons quite full and wish I never see them out again . These secrets though well even haunt you quite a few times and you know its really so tough to shake it off , You try to run away from them but they still come back someway or the other .

Should we really have these dungeons within us ? Or can we do better and hide nothing and be that person who is never ashamed of anything or nothing to hold him back from being the greatest .

The Dungeons are your’s , you have the key , it’s your decision what you do with it . Open up or keep your scary Dungeons closed well deep inside you . Choose wisely because the decision just doesn’t matter for you it also makes a difference for the people around you .

Life is small



Sometimes I sit and wonder

What is there in my life

Is it all a bunch of lies

Trying to show ,who they want me to be

Or who I really am

As I grow up, I’ve changed a lot

The change has forced the old me down

Is it always like that or I been overthinking

I don’t know


I have always been a joker

To joke is all I do

Should I be serious

Or why so serious

Life is small

You live it being you

Or live by being someone ,others want you to be

Its always a choice


People come in life

People go out of your life

Some you hold on to

Some you have to leave them behind

Others leave you behind

Life is small

You would want to live it

Cherish every moment

Holding onto the ones you love

Keeping every promise you ever made

Being there anytime anywhere anyhow for them


Because life is small

You live it or you waste it

Life is small

What if I wrote a love letter

Dear Girlfriend

I know I suck at chemistry but the reaction what happens in heart is very spontaneous one and I think you are the catalyst causing it . My heart starts beating at a rate which is even faster than the speed of light so leave it being supersonic . Every differentiated thing about you is an integrated sum for me which is why you are so special to me . I don’t care about your history because I am just interested in your heart’s present economy . I know the geography of my letter to you sounds like a political promise but trust me I was never a writer or a poet before I met you . I won’t just say that I love you because my love for is stronger than the gravity of Earth to me . Talking to you just amplifies all my joy and anxiety as if my gain is infinity . I don’t know if you feel the same about me even for 5% but baby I know we can make it work like the Newton’s First Law of Motion with our love being the motion and no force coming in between us .

Yours loving Nerd