The Finale

From being the first few days of college To being the last few days of the college A lot has changed and yet not everything The friends we made on the way The enemies we made on the way The crushes we had on the way The songs we sang together in the back benches [...]


Love and Truth

Why would someone lie to their close ones or to their beloved? This is a question most often asked by lovers. Since love cannot stand untruth, this causes relationships to break up. The solution lies in understanding the paradox of love and truth. People  lie just to save and maintain their love. The fear that [...]

Socially Awkward

Yes, I’m socially awkward Yes, I’m confident virtually And scared in real world Yes, I can’t talk to you seeing in your eyes But while on phone, I can talk anyway I like Yes, I can’t make the small conversations with you It’s not because I’m not interested It’s because I just can’t Yes, I [...]